Show Premiere Day Season Type
Arrow Arrow 7/10 Τετάρτη S4 Fall
Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast TBC TBC S4 Midseason
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 12/10 Δευτέρα New Series Fall
iZombie iZombie 6/10 Τρίτη S2 Fall
Jane the Virgin Jane the Virgin 12/10 Δευτέρα S2 Fall
Reign Reign 9/10 Παρασκευή S3 Fall
Supernatural Supernatural 7/10 Τετάρτη S11 Fall
The 100 The 100 TBC TBC S3 Midseason
The Flash The Flash 6/10 Τρίτη S2 Fall
The Originals The Originals 8/10 Πέμπτη S3 Fall
Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries 8/10 Πέμπτη S7 Fall